Exploring the Arts

ArtsHour takes place every Thursday afternoon at six pm. It is a time where everyone is invited to explore and experience the arts, where artists, musicians, dancers, singers, performers, and artistic companies can introduce themselves and the experiences they create and contribute to new and familiar audiences, and where businesses providing venues or contributing to the costs of presenting artists can introduce themselves and the opportunities they create and contribute.

Artists and venues interesting in participating, and contributors interested in presenting and hosting ArtsHour experiences can make themselves known on the ArtsHour Communication Centre

The ArtsHour Communication Centre keeps audiences informed about ArtsHour events, experiences, and opportunities to engage personally in creative pursuits, provides connections to information about participating artists, venues, and contributors, and creates a place where audiences can talk about their experiences.

ArtsHour is a time for audiences to experience and explore. The price is reasonable, the commitment is low, and the opportunity is easy. ArtsHour is a time for artists, venues, and contributors to be creative. New connections, relationships, and audiences are created. New appreciation for the arts is discovered. New interest in exploring the art of creating is excited.

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