Telling our story

Communication Centres give us the opportunity to tell our story as a doorway to our web site and more information about our enterprise and the opportunities we create and contribute.

Stories create connections. We tell our story to connect with, inform, and excite the interest of our audiences. A well-told story communicates to the interests and context of all of our audiences. Our audiences are the people who are served by, involved in, and affected by our enterprise.

Our story introduces ourselves, who we are, our interests, what we do, what we contribute, what we are doing to contribute more, and the opportunities we create and contribute to the interests of our audiences.

A well-told story informs rather than sells, is simple, clear, honest, and easily retold, and creates an experience for our audiences

We come to be known by what we say and do. Telling our story contributes to our ability to live our story and make choices about what we do and how we do things that contribute to our interests and the interests we serve.

Our story tells everyone everything they need to know to determine how we contribute to the their interests. Articulating our interests gives all of our audiences the ability to contribute information, ideas, connections, and opportunities that could improve our ability to be more successful in pursuing our interests.

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