What Defines a Quantum Communication Centre?

All contributions to quantum communication centres are moderated before being published to ensure they contribute to the interests of the audiences served and to the common interests served by the communication centre.

Moderators organize, prepare, and connect information, ideas, stories, and opportunities to interested audiences and to conversations around interests, ideas, and initiatives that contribute to the common interests of the community.

Moderators edit stories, information, ideas, and opportunities to improve their ability to connect and to audiences. Moderators are held accountable by the audiences they serve.

Quantum communication centres provide connections to the sources of information published

Quantum communication centres operate with common editorial standards, style, and guidelines and a common approach to storytelling, moderating, and organizing information to provide a consistent and familiar experience for audiences and to make the transfer of content between communication centres easier.

Moderators replace hyperbole and selling, critical opinion, and value judgments with information, ideas, and questions to allow audiences to come to their own conclusions.

Moderators are responsible for ensuring contributions are credited with appreciation, audiences and contributors are treated respectfully. contributors have the opportunity to tell their story, and service providers are compensated fairly.

Quantum communications centres operate as cooperative, self-sustaining, non-profit-making community businesses without dependence on charitable or government funding and free from corporate shareholder interests.

Contributions from government, foundations, philanthropists, and corporations to initiatives that contribute to the development of quantum communication centres and to their ability to become self-sustaining are appreciated.

Ownership of domain names for quantum communication centres are held in trust for the communities they serve.

Ideas and information contributed to quantum communications centres are considered to be open source with no patents or copyright protection.

The contributors to communication centre are the co-creators and custodians of the interests of the centre and the audiences it serves.

Moderators and co-creators agree upon editorial styles, standards, and guidelines and collaborate on how to improve the ability of communication centres to serve the interests of the communities they seve on quantumideas.com


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