Quantumideas.com began on March 16, 2000 but the story began ten years earlier when my daughter gave me  a book written by Jack Weatherford about the contributions of the native cultures of the Americas to the world. I read Indian Givers while traveling around New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah and called Jack Weatherford.

Jack and I set out to create a television series based on the books to increase understanding and appreciation of our cultural roots and to excite interest in learning more about the ideas and contributions of our native cultures and improve our ability to create a better future.

The Native Roots television series attracted the interest of the American Public Broadcasting Corporation, the Institute for American Indian Art in Santa Fe, the Canadian Museum of Civilization, and a number of international broadcasters, native filmmakers, and interested contributors. The Native Roots website would be designed to give audiences opportunities to explore their interests. In June 1996, www.nativeroots.com was registered.

A few years earlier, my partners and I in Go Direct Marketing set out to develop an online communication centre to serve the interests of arts audiences and create connections for the arts community.  ArtsDirect was a joint venture with the Vancouver Alliance for Arts and Culture. In September 1996, www.artsdirect.com was registered.

ArtsDirect attracted the interest of the telephone company, several national financial institutions, a publishing company, and arts groups across Canada and in the United States.

ArtsDirect and Native Roots, the first marketplaces to serve communities of common interest, were being developed by Go Direct Media until Go Direct Marketing, who were providing the resources and services, was purchased by J.Walter Thompson in 2000.

Go Direct media became quantumideas.com and the idea of online marketplaces evolved to the idea of creating self-sufficient independent communication centres designed to create connections and cooperative enterprise around common community interests.

In the summer of 2007 I traveled to Mongolia with Jack Weatherford where he was awarded the Polar Star by the Mongolian Government for his book on Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World. As we traveled in Mongolia the Native Roots idea began to take the form of a network of communication centres designed to connect cultures, facilitate intercultural contribution and collaboration, and provide a marketplace of opportunities and a learning system for cultural development.

In 2008 www.nativeroots.com, www.artsbc.com, and a number of other communication centres went online after WordPress demonstrated it could become the foundation for creating a communication system that would be open and accessible for every community and contributor to participate in and connect to.

The ideas and systems required to make creative community enterprise possible were developing along with our communication technology. The art of creative community enterprise is rooted in our ability to create connections around common interests, ideas, and experiences and in our ability to shift the interests and ideas that form and inform our thinking from us and them to we.

Creative community enterprise begins by connecting and creating opportunities for enterprises involved in, contributing to, and benefiting from creating community around common social interests.

Our greatest opportunity for contribution, for exciting interest, and for attracting resources to creative enterprise lies in creating connections between cultures with our arts and creative expression. Native Roots, ArtsDirect, and ArtsBC are all opportunities to develop creative community enterprise.

Native Roots is a global communication system designed to connect and create opportunities to preserve, develop, and learn from the knowledge, ideas, and creative contributions of our heritage cultures.

ArtsBC is a communication system designed to connect and create community around the idea of curating the arts, culture, and heritage of communities throughout British Columbia.

ArtsDirect is a global communication system to connect audiences, arts presenters, and artists financed by contributing to the interests of community businesses.

The cultures of Mongolia and our First Nations cultures in Canada have the opportunity to create connections with one another and with people around the world around our common interests in the creative contributions of our heritage cultures.

Economic interest in the development of Mongolia’s natural resources provides opportunities to create interest in the development of Mongolia’s cultural resources. Interest in the First Nations cultures of Canada provides opportunities for the sustainable development of our economic resources.

Culture Days, an annual celebration of the arts, culture, and cultural heritage of Canada scheduled to launch in September 2010, provides opportunities to create connections between business, tourism, arts, and community associations around the idea of curating the culture of communities throughout British Columbia.

Connecting the arts community in British Columbia provides the opportunity to create ArtsDirect, a community financed communication system designed to serve arts audiences, create financial support for arts presenters and artists, and contribute to the cultural and creative development of participating communities.

Roger Chilton

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