Welcome to the Conversation

Quantumideas is a cooperative communication centre continuously under creative development through conversation. Everyone is invited to contribute to co-creating quantumideas.

Quantumideas hosts creative conversations around ideas which contribute to our common interests.

Creative conversations are idea forums. People are invited to contribute information, ideas, stories, and opportunities to the conversation. Questions and observations which advance and excite conversation are helpful. Contributions are moderated, published, and connected to the source and the communities of common interest served by the contribution.

Conversations are organized around the common interests of quantumideas.com.
The art of creating cooperative enterprise and community around common social interests
The art of creating self-sustaining social enterprises
The art of creating and developing communication centres as cooperative community enterprises
The creation, connection, and communication of quantum ideas and quantum enterprises which contribute to our cultural, community, and responsible resource development
The development of a creative communication network which contributes to the common interests served by quantumideas.com

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