The Story So Far

The idea for Quantumideas began in 1997. It was called Go Direct Media, a venture started by Go Direct Marketing, an enterprise organized to provide communication services to the sellers of products, services, and information. Go Direct Media was to become an enterprise organized to provide communication services to their customers and audiences.

Go Direct Media was developing the idea and technology for creating one-to-one online marketplaces. ArtsDirect, a cooperative community-operated communication system for the arts community was underway when Go Direct Marketing accepted an offer to purchase from J. Walter Thompson.

In 2000, Go Direct Media became quantumideas and the idea of creating cooperative communication centres began to develop.

In 2006, the idea of creating Vancouver Community Forums and the Vancouver Arts and Cultures Forum was introduced by the Downtown Vancouver Association upon the celebration of their sixtieth anniversary at Centre A, the Vancouver International Centre of Contemporary Asian Art in the heart of old Vancouver.

In 2007, WordPress, a free, open source technology which manages content and communications activity and supports conversation was adopted as a foundation to create the process and demonstrate the enterprise. The art of creating possibilities became possible.

The idea of creating communication centres to connect communities was introduced to the Business Improvement Associations of British Columbia at their annual conference on May 1. 2008.

On July 17, 2008, was published to begin the online creative development of cooperative communication centres and the creative communication network.